Rowe Family Genealogy

The Genealogy of the Rowe Family of Riceville, Ontario and Stewkley, England

Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
151 Hough, Alice Mildred  5 Nov 1906Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11328 Rowe Genealogy 
152 Hough, Elgin Edward  10 Apr 1874Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I8064 Rowe Genealogy 
153 Hough, Ella Florence  1 Oct 1880Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11322 Rowe Genealogy 
154 Hough, Frank  26 Mar 1904Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11319 Rowe Genealogy 
155 Jackson, Robert Andrew  7 Apr 1898Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11655 Rowe Genealogy 
156 Johnston, James Clayton  Abt 1906Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I16431 Rowe Genealogy 
157 Kinnear, Agnes Amelia  23 May 1851Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4943 Rowe Genealogy 
158 Kinnear, Jane Ann  26 Mar 1878Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I10830 Rowe Genealogy 
159 Kinnear, Mary M.  Abt 1871Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I15056 Rowe Genealogy 
160 Kinnear, William  Abt 1840Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I13636 Rowe Genealogy 
161 Marjerrison, Norman Holmes  12 Apr 1881Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11129 Rowe Genealogy 
162 Marjerrison, William Robert  20 Mar 1871Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11317 Rowe Genealogy 
163 McAuley, Nancy  1849Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I12543 Rowe Genealogy 
164 McBride, Linden Cyril  16 Apr 1889Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4915 Rowe Genealogy 
165 McCrimmon, John  1853Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I9616 Rowe Genealogy 
166 McDermid, Alice  25 Feb 1875Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I9362 Rowe Genealogy 
167 McDermid, Catherine Christina  15 Sep 1884Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I9366 Rowe Genealogy 
168 McDermid, Donald Archibald  2 Nov 1879Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I9364 Rowe Genealogy 
169 McDermid, Jeanetta  12 Mar 1872Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I9493 Rowe Genealogy 
170 McDermid, Maggie  15 Jan 1882Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I9365 Rowe Genealogy 
171 McDiarmid, Archibald  1869Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I9619 Rowe Genealogy 
172 McDiarmid, Mary Ann  21 Mar 1871Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4130 Rowe Genealogy 
173 McEwen, Albert Alexander Begg  25 Sep 1906Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4250 Rowe Genealogy 
174 McEwen, Arthur Hammond  5 Nov 1900Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I3385 Rowe Genealogy 
175 McEwen, Augus Ross  13 Jan 1911Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4252 Rowe Genealogy 
176 McEwen, Bertha Janet  5 Jun 1902Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4249 Rowe Genealogy 
177 McEwen, Eleanor Marjory  20 Sep 1919Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2317 Rowe Genealogy 
178 McEwen, Ernest Alexander  18 Mar 1882Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2991 Rowe Genealogy 
179 McEwen, Henry Sibley  6 May 1877Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2316 Rowe Genealogy 
180 McEwen, Lily Ernestine  6 Sep 1913Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2993 Rowe Genealogy 
181 McEwen, Olive Catherine  23 Aug 1884Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I10949 Rowe Genealogy 
182 McEwen, Ralph Hilton  13 Feb 1909Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2992 Rowe Genealogy 
183 McEwen, William Daley  29 Aug 1908Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4251 Rowe Genealogy 
184 McGregor, Catherine Isabella  31 Dec 1872Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11269 Rowe Genealogy 
185 McGregor, Donald William  23 Sep 1874Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11331 Rowe Genealogy 
186 McGregor, Elizabeth Margaret  16 Oct 1870Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11316 Rowe Genealogy 
187 McGregor, Helen Mary  23 Sep 1874Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I11330 Rowe Genealogy 
188 McIntosh, Catherine Margaret  12 Mar 1895Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I7836 Rowe Genealogy 
189 McIntosh, Robert Angus  14 Jun 1872Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I12483 Rowe Genealogy 
190 McKercher, Catherine  21 Jul 1872Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2919 Rowe Genealogy 
191 McKercher, Catherine Bennett  8 Jul 1875Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I7455 Rowe Genealogy 
192 McKercher, Daniel Malcolm  23 May 1874Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2920 Rowe Genealogy 
193 McKercher, Duncan Bennett  9 Jul 1878Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4536 Rowe Genealogy 
194 McKercher, Duncan McCallum  6 Apr 1876Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I2921 Rowe Genealogy 
195 McKercher, Edith Mary  25 Jul 1876Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4537 Rowe Genealogy 
196 McKercher, Ethel Lee  18 Aug 1900Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I419 Rowe Genealogy 
197 McKercher, Euphemia Jane  31 Jan 1885Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4008 Rowe Genealogy 
198 McKercher, George Leslie  1 Feb 1886Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I1972 Rowe Genealogy 
199 McKercher, Gertrude  11 Sep 1882Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I4538 Rowe Genealogy 
200 McKercher, Jane  Abt 1845Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, Canada I12135 Rowe Genealogy 

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