Rowe Family Genealogy

The Genealogy of the Rowe Family of Riceville, Ontario and Stewkley, England

Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dixon, Dorothy Rae  29 Sep 1909Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I13223 Rowe Genealogy 
2 Dixon, Lloyd Smith  2 Jun 1916Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I16556 Rowe Genealogy 
3 Franklin, Allen Malcolm  31 Aug 1893Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I10562 Rowe Genealogy 
4 Franklin, Howard Muir  26 Sep 1898Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I10555 Rowe Genealogy 
5 Franklin, Ronald Arthur  28 May 1887Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I10561 Rowe Genealogy 
6 McIntosh, Garnet L.  5 Aug 1923Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I5202 Rowe Genealogy 
7 McMillan, Sarah Ann  1851Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I2182 Rowe Genealogy 
8 Smith, Mercilla Agnes  23 Jul 1865Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I10376 Rowe Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dixon, Lloyd Smith  21 May 1994Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I16556 Rowe Genealogy 
2 Gibson, Audrey Mae  14 Jun 1980Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I1002 Rowe Genealogy 
3 Presley, Clarence William  21 May 1995Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I10845 Rowe Genealogy 
4 Rowe, William Basil  11 Nov 1983Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I438 Rowe Genealogy 
5 Smith, Ingram  10 Jun 1925Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I12976 Rowe Genealogy 
6 Windsor, Annie Rebecca  24 Aug 1993Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I17570 Rowe Genealogy 
7 Windsor, Harold Everet  17 May 1961Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I14555 Rowe Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Cameron  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I13879 Rowe Genealogy 
2 Baker, Ellen B.  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I18390 Rowe Genealogy 
3 Baker, Josephine Marie  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I4758 Rowe Genealogy 
4 Baker, Winnie May  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I16423 Rowe Genealogy 
5 Barton, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1930Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I14114 Rowe Genealogy 
6 Bogart, Edith Maud  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I12931 Rowe Genealogy 
7 Coulthart, Walter  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I4757 Rowe Genealogy 
8 Derby, Andrew John  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I16339 Rowe Genealogy 
9 Derby, Eva May  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I13996 Rowe Genealogy 
10 Dixon, George Albert  12 Apr 1955Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I13091 Rowe Genealogy 
11 Dixon, George T.  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I9692 Rowe Genealogy 
12 Dixon, Jacob  22 Apr 1925Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I2363 Rowe Genealogy 
13 Dixon, John Leslie  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I11155 Rowe Genealogy 
14 Dixon, Lloyd Smith  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I16556 Rowe Genealogy 
15 Dixon, Nelson Herbert  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I12381 Rowe Genealogy 
16 Dixon, Ruth Alison  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I16557 Rowe Genealogy 
17 Dixon, William Hubert  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I18842 Rowe Genealogy 
18 Dixon, William Oscar  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I12433 Rowe Genealogy 
19 Empey, Cyril Ercil  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I4416 Rowe Genealogy 
20 Empey, Erma Martha  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I4414 Rowe Genealogy 
21 Empey, Willis Murnie  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I4410 Rowe Genealogy 
22 Foster, Mary Frances  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I18845 Rowe Genealogy 
23 Fulton, Frances Jean  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I18843 Rowe Genealogy 
24 Fulton, James Howard  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I18844 Rowe Genealogy 
25 Gates, Helen Maria  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I9656 Rowe Genealogy 
26 Hutt, Gertrude Mae  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I461 Rowe Genealogy 
27 Jones, Dwight E.  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I16558 Rowe Genealogy 
28 Jones, Patricia Ruth  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I18841 Rowe Genealogy 
29 Lawson, Pearl H.  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I17569 Rowe Genealogy 
30 McCauley, Mary Gertrude  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I13092 Rowe Genealogy 
31 Mennie, Nellie  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I9693 Rowe Genealogy 
32 Merkley, Angus Eugene  1940Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I19564 Rowe Genealogy 
33 Merkley, Kenneth E.  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I17571 Rowe Genealogy 
34 Presley, Clarence William  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I10845 Rowe Genealogy 
35 Presley, James Wesley  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I10805 Rowe Genealogy 
36 Presley, Kenneth Elmer  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I17580 Rowe Genealogy 
37 Presley, Vera Lillian  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I17579 Rowe Genealogy 
38 Rowe, Baby  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I13555 Rowe Genealogy 
39 Rowe, Shirley Elizabeth  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I462 Rowe Genealogy 
40 Rowe, William Basil  14 Nov 1983Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I438 Rowe Genealogy 
41 Shaver, Laura Jean  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I5274 Rowe Genealogy 
42 Smith, Charlotte Edith  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I12415 Rowe Genealogy 
43 Sorell, Christie Ann  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I19565 Rowe Genealogy 
44 Windsor, Annie Rebecca  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I17570 Rowe Genealogy 
45 Windsor, Arnold  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I14821 Rowe Genealogy 
46 Windsor, Harold Everet  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I14555 Rowe Genealogy 
47 Windsor, William Ernest  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I17573 Rowe Genealogy 
48 Windsor, William James  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I14509 Rowe Genealogy 
49 Windsor, Wilmer Strong  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I14542 Rowe Genealogy 
50 Winters, William Ralph  Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada I1295 Rowe Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Coons / Ferney  3 Dec 1919Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada F4165 Rowe Genealogy 
2 Dixon / Bogart  29 Dec 1908Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada F3860 Rowe Genealogy 
3 Dixon / Smith  30 Jun 1915Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada F3819 Rowe Genealogy 
4 Droppo / Shaver  8 Nov 1911Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada F1432 Rowe Genealogy 
5 Franklin / Smith  12 Nov 1884Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada F3483 Rowe Genealogy 
6 Grant / McMillan  27 Jul 1920Chesterville, Dundas, Ontario, Canada F1323 Rowe Genealogy 

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