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The Genealogy of the Rowe Family of Riceville, Ontario and Stewkley, England


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251 (Research):1851 census shows her born in England. Copley, Mary (I11429)
252 (Research):1851 census shows him born in England. Metcalfe, Henry (I11428)
253 (Research):1851 census shows him born in England. Metcalfe, Christopher (I11430)
254 (Research):1860 census in Hobert Twp, Lake, IN.
1870 census in Crystal, Hennepin, MN; John and Anne farming with eight children; John, Margaret, Barbara, Joseph, Mary, Jacob, Annie, and Susan.
1880 census in Crystal, Hennepin, MN. 
Raskob, John (I13598)
255 (Research):1865 age 9 in Lattervik, Karls Eriksen, Nils Ole (I7579)
256 (Research):1871 census: shows Janet Lee living with James and Jane
1881 census: C-13227, dist 101, sub C, div 2, page 29, household 115
1901 census: Roxborough, E-4, page 4. 
Grant, James (I2304)
257 (Research):1880 Census for Hazel Green Township, Delaware County, Iowa lists Joseph, Mary, and 6 children. On the same page is Charley, his wife (can't read the name) and 8 children. This has to be the brother to Joseph. Census Roll 336 Book 1, Page 458b.
1910 census has Joseph and Mary in Plainview, Nebraska; says they have been married 49 years and had 6 children, all living; and Joseph is listed as a retired farmer.

Found some data at Ancestry submitted by Becky Teubner showing Joseph and Mary. She shows Joseph's parents as Joseph and Loretta Spalding, both born in Kennebec County Maine. Shows Mary's parents as Sylvester and Hannah. Shows Joseph born in Dover, Piscataquis, ME. She shows a birth of Cora H. Houston on 4 Apr 1861, Union Twp, Delaware, IA and died 13 May 1863, same, buried in Grove Creek Cemetery.
She shows another birth: Wallace Houston, b. 24 Mar 1863 in Union, d. 17 May 1863, same, buried in Grove Creek Cemetery. 
Houston, Joseph N. (I2944)
258 (Research):1880 Census has him listed as Farley and living with his brother, Peter in Lake Twp., Cerro Gordo, Iowa

Found in the 1900 census in Clear Lake dist. 24 (page 5 of 13 at ancestry), widowed with his two sons. Occupation: dealer in real estate. Indexed as Fina McKercher. has a page from Bill DeGarmo indicating that Finlay first married Emma Elizabeth Mills and had a son, Robert Duncan McKercher, b. 12 Nov 1893 in Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo, IA. Robert married Margaret Bernice Steffens and had two children.

Found in the 1910 census in White, Brookings, SD, page 2 of 10, indexed as Frank. Finlay is widowed again. Robert is with them, but Mills is not. Found "Miles" C. McKercher in the 1920 census in Portland. Not sure where he was in 1910. The other kids are there: Constance, Coral, Janet, and John; all born in Iowa except John, b. South Dakota. Finlay's sister Margaret is living there too.

Found in the 1920 census in White, Brookings, SD, page 11 of 14. Finlay is a widowed farmer. There are four children living with him.
Found in the 1930 census living with his daughter Coral and son-in-law, Walter Bombeck. Shows immegration in 1890 - Naturalized. 
McKercher, Finlay (I7790)
259 (Research):1880 Census has him living in Lake Twp, Cerro Gordo, Iowa
Found in the 1885 Iowa State Census with the first two daughters.
Found in the 1910 census in Vivian Twp, Dist. 196, Sargent, ND, page 3 of 9. Indexed as Peater McKercher. What is totally wierd is that back on page 1 of 9 is Alexander P. McKercher, b. Wisconsin [parents - Scotland, Wales], and his wife, Viola R., b. Iowa with their six children, two born in Dakota Territory, three born in Iowa, and the last one born in North Dakota. 
McKercher, Peter (I7789)
260 (Research):1881 census for Kenyon, Glengarry, Ontario. NA film C-13226, dist. 99, C, div 3, page 39, household 153.
His parents were John McEwen and Janet Robertson. 
McEwen, Donald (I2933)
261 (Research):1881 census for Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario, NA film C-13227, dist 101, sub C, div 2, page 22, household 90
Found in the 1901 census, E-6, page 6. The next entry is William and Isabella Blair who were at Lot 25 on the 6th.
In 1892 Edward was in the 6th Con. Rox. 
Blair, Edward (I1877)
262 (Research):1881 census for Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario. C-13227, dist 101, Sub C, div 1, page 38, household 161 Hill, Hugh (I3981)
263 (Research):1881 census has them indexed as Bigg. They are in Fenelon Falls, Victoria, Ontario.
1891, 1901, 1911 they are in Tay, Simcoe.
1911 census (indexed as Bigg) 
Begg, Alexander Douglas (I3009)
264 (Research):1900 census showed 5 births, 3 living.
1910 census showed 7 births, 5 living. They are at 5815 Madison Ave, Chicago Ward 7, dist 395. Henry is a high school teacher.
Found in the Henkel Kids' Kin 16 Jan 2007 at 
Keen, Henry Fremont (I11733)
265 (Research):1900 census showed his name as Edwin. McCormick, Edward (I11861)
266 (Research):1900 census shows birth in 1891. WWI draft card shows birth in 1891, Nunica. SSDI shows birth in 1890. Michigan death index also shows birth in 1890. There are two birth records at FamilySearch - one showing 1891 and the other showing 1890. Holmes, Addison H. (I12024)
267 (Research):1900 census shows birth in Michigan - could be wrong. Keen, Harold Fremont (I11735)
268 (Research):1900 Census shows them living at 306 Second, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon (5th Ward) T623, film 1350, book 1, page 130
The 1900 Portland city directory confirms the address - he is a clerk for A. A. Dekum. Also listed in the directory are Daneil C. who boards at 166 10th; Finlay, sec Equitable Savings and Loan Assn, living at 335 E 8th; Miss Jean, boards w/Finlay; Miss Lucile, music teacher, also boards w/ Finlay.
Found in the 1910 census in Portland. His brother James is living with them.
1920 census shows them living at 74 E 80th N. and the father-in-law, Hiram Russ, is living with them.
Found in the 1920 census in Portland, Multnomah.
Oregon cert 1812
1937 - listed in the Portland city directory at 232 NE 80th Ave.
Immegration records found at ancestry for Angus and Emma, #35 and #36 Judicial District of Oregon, District Court. 
McKercher, Angus (I1897)
269 (Research):1901 census Dist 53, sub E-5, film T-6463, page 6
CENSUS: 1901 Canada Census, subdistrict: Roxborough, Cornwall & Stormont, Ontario, District No. 53, Subdistrict No. e-5, LAC Microfilm T-6463.
6 26 56 Begg James M Head M Mar 1 1849 52
6 27 56 Begg Elizabeth F Wife M Dec 28 1853 47
6 28 56 Begg Harriet ? F Daughter S Mar 23 1883 18
6 29 56 Begg John A M Son S Sep 29 1885 15
6 30 56 Begg Hannah A F Daughter S Feb 8 1888 13
6 31 56 Begg Alexander W M Son S Sep 30 1889 11
6 32 56 Begg Elizabeth F Daughter S May 5 1893 7
6 33 56 Begg George White? M Son S Feb 25 1898 3
all born Rural Ontario.
CENSUS: 1911 Canada Census, Roxborough, Stormont, Ontario,
copied from, 17 Apr 2006.
Pg. 6
60 62 Begg James Male Head Married 1847, 64, Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presbyterian, Farmer
60 62 Begg Elizabeth Female Wife Married 1856, 57, Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presbyterian.
60 62 Begg Hattie L Female Daughter Single, Mar 1883, 28, Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presby.
60 62 Begg John A Male Son Single , Sep 1885, 25, Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presby. Farmer's son
60 62 Begg Hanna A Female Daughter Single Feb 1888, 23, Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presby.
60 62 Begg Alex Male Son Single, Sep 1888/89?, 21, Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presbyterian, Farmer's son
60 62 Begg Bessie Female Daughter Single May 1893, 19, Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presbyterian
Pg 7
Begg, George, Roxborough, male, son, single, Mar 1898, aged 13, born Ontario, Scotch, Canadian, Presbyterian . 
Begg, James (I11215)
270 (Research):1901 census shows birth as 12 Oct 1880. A family website shows birth of 12 Sep 1879. Presley, Joseph Alexander (I10338)
271 (Research):1901 census shows birth of 6 Aug 1881. Presley, Charles Henry (I10781)
272 (Research):1901 census shows birth year as 1896. Attestation Paper shows 1896 as well. McKercher, Bertram (I1792)
273 (Research):1901 census shows birthday as 16 Jun 1899, age 1.
Found a marriage record for Steward Arthur b. abt 1899 and Mary Evelyn McMillan. This is probably the same guy. 
McKillican, James Stewart (I7825)
274 (Research):1901 census shows birthday of 24 May 1895, age 5. McKillican, Edward Albert (I7823)
275 (Research):1901 census shows Godfrey, b. 28 Feb 1866, age 35
I had him listed as Geoffrey [from Gail's Begg Register]. Several records show him as Godfrey. Changed my data to Godfrey 28 Oct 2009.
1881 census with parents in Saugeen, Bruce North, Ontario
Geoffrey was from Turner's Corner in Bruce Twp, ON. He and Janet lived near Paisley, ON. Janet died in childbirth, leaving her husband, and son Victor.
Godfrey worked for the railroad. The marriage record also shows Godfrey.
Found a marriage record showing Lizzie Rushton, 35 <1867>, as his new wife. This was 19 Mar 1902 in York County. 
Lamont, Godfrey (I4066)
276 (Research):1901 London, Civil Parish St. Marylebone, All Souls, Dist 9
Found in the 1911 census in East Norton Tugby Allexton, Leicestershire, England. Shows him married but there is no wife listed. 
Jordan, Alfred Thomas (I17331)
277 (Research):1910 census had her listed as Marjorie. Spragg, Manatee Genevieve (I10572)
278 (Research):1920 census shows her father born in Denmark, mother in Norway.
Found suname on Marjorie's death record from pilot. Surname could be Lauritzen. 
Laurilzen, Annie (I15110)
279 (Research):1920 census shows immegration 1906, na 1907. Alice Maude (I11773)
280 (Research):1920 census shows immegration in 1885, na 1898. Father born in Germany, mother born in PA. Kalbfleisch, Riley S. (I15109)
281 (Research):1920 census, Ferdinand is in Kittson County, Hallock, Dist 64
Found WWI draft card confirming birth date and providing birth place. 
Blehm, Ferdinand J. (I4243)
282 (Research):1930 census - John is married and living at 321 1/2 N. Alabama St. in Butte. John is a salesman at a tobacco store. Cox, John Charles (I8581)
283 (Research):1930 census in Floyd, Floyd, Iowa District 7

William Aird age 51 Head of household born Iowa
Lydia age 43 born South Dakota wife
John W. son age 19 (all children born in Iowa)
Lois W. age 18
Irene age 15
Dorothy age 13
Jean age 11
Mary J. age 9
living with them also was a farm laborer, Elmer Heferkorn, 21. 
Aird, William Malcolm (I2330)
284 (Research):1930 census shows both parents born in Ohio. McMaken, Dorothy Ruth (I11740)
285 (Research):1975 he and Elaine were in Artesia, CA. Soulek, Jerome Harvey (I20240)
286 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I13336)
287 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I19927)
288 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I16159)
289 (Research):5 daughters and four sons, Mrs. Dixon, and George, at home; Mrs. McKeracher, Saskatchewan, Mrs. Bilmore, Apple Hill; Mrs. Chisholm, Dunvegan and Christena, deceased; Angus and Alby, Fernie, B.C., Kenneth in Manitoba Dewar, Mary I. (I2978)
290 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I14461)
291 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I16374)
292 (Research):A couple of other online trees show her death in 1970 in Ottawa. Blaney, Jessie (I9403)
293 (Research):a family tree at shows his death in Rhinebeck, NY. Munroe, Edwin J. (I9631)
294 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7121)
295 (Research):A note in the Bay City Times, 24 Jun 1891 states: Willie, the four-weeks-old child of Eli Franklin, who died Monday afternoon, was buried yesterday afternoon. Franklin, Eli (I18889)
296 (Research):A OneWorldTree indicates a second marriage to Clela and six more children
Found in the 1910 census in Green Twp, Alpena, MI, dist 16, page 2 of 17. Married to Ida and having 4 children [4 births, 4 living]. Shows them married 7 years. John is a sawyer in a saw mill.
Found his WWI draft card dated 12 Sep 1918. He was living in Wayne County, MI.
Found in the 1930 census widowed and living with his daughter Zora in Dearborn, MI. He is a forman in an auto factory. 
Stoddard, John Milton (I10468)
297 (Research):A OneWorldTree shows first name as Helen.
I don't know where I found Maria's parents [Chauncy Gates and Laura Kendall] but the marriage record for Jacob and Maria shows Charles and Hanna Gates. Charles [Chauncy] was married first to Laura Kendall. Laura died in 1872 and Charles married Hannah Nicholson. There is a narative from a book that indicates that Hannah was Helen's mother and not Laura. 
Gates, Helen Maria (I9656)
298 (Research):A OneWorldTree shows her married to William Campbell (1866-1953) with 6 kids. No parents are listed for William.
Another tree lists Wm's parents as Colin Campbell and Catherine McLellan. They all moved to Bottineau, ND. 
Kippen, Janet (I12797)
299 (Research):A OneWorldTree shows her parents as Donald Ross (1796-1849) and Catherine Grant (1809- ). There were seven siblings as well. Ross, Mary (I13928)
300 (Research):A OneWorldTree shows marriage to Bessie Florence Berg and seven kids. Dilley, Walter Albert (I12054)

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